“Signs to the City is ‘True Grit’. What a passionate delivery, a truly rockin’ live act.”
Marti Sarbit / Imaginary Cities

“STTC rocks, plain and simple. When I saw the band live I experienced the power and potential of this band. With his ‘tell it like it is’ lyrics and driving rhythm section, STTC is a musical force to be reckoned with.”
 Dave Swiecicki / Jet Set Satellite


Signs to the City (formerly known as Jarrett Lobley Project) is riding a vibrant momentum for their upcoming 2018 album release and European and North American tours. The band has performed alongside Loverboy, The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, at Canadian Music Week, the Fringe Festival, and Pride Winnipeg. 

Front-man and family physician, Jarrett Lobley, provides a tangible link of humanity and honesty to the audience with equal measures of restraint and power. Making daily house calls to his inner city patients on his motorcycle, Lobley transitions into the evening creating sounds born out of the simplistic beauty hidden amidst the day.

Known for their community involvement, musical collaboration and philanthropic nature, STTC donates much of their proceeds to grassroots, community and arts organizations.


  • Jarrett Lobley
    Jarrett Lobley Vocals
  • Joel Klassen
    Joel Klassen Guitar

  • Tim Iskierski
    Tim Iskierski Drums

  • Earl Pereira
    Earl Pereira Bass


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